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The Fyo Game System

Some Nifty Features

Custom Features

We can Customize the Fyo tables to the look and feel of your establishment.

Creative Design

A collaboration of many developers and game enthusiasts are currently creating many different experiences.

Easy maintenance

With very few modular parts, replacement is quick and easy.

Convienent Cell Phone Interaction

Supports Multiple players and phones. No special controllers needed!


The Fyo System Can Advertise your establishment, specials and other information that others should know.


The Fyo game system can track customer habits and responses giving the owner new insights into business interactions.

fully responsive

Customizable Experience

We Can customize the Fyo System to the look and feel of your establishment.


  • Any Size TV
  • Optional USB Charge Ports
  • Mobile Development
  • Hardened Glass
  • Light Weight Design
  • Combine TV's for larger screen

Ask About Bulk Pricing

Table Prices

Standard Classic


Perfect for frugal business owner

  • New Game Updates
  • Advertising
  • Analytic Tracking



Suitable for themed resturaunts and chains

  • Game Update
  • Advertising
  • Analytic Tracking



Ramp up the fun!

  • Hardware Downpayment
  • pay monthly
  • Support and updates
  • Anaylitcs integration

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